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maddogs991's Journal

Better a witty fool than a foolish wit

Hmmm... What to say, what to say? Well, my major interests lie in Reading, Writing, Films and Music. I write songs and lyrics as well as poetry, stories etc. and I write fanfiction when TV writers don't make the storylines I want them to :P

Update: Lookit! There's creatures now! :D
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The Bodice Ripper Awards gave me these pretties:

Read Bio Study here (Giles/Xander, suitable for all)

Read For Dear Life here (Giles/Xander, includes adult themes)

See it here

Read New Sun Rising here (Giles/Dawn, contains adult themes)

Ethan Rocks! This gorgeous banner made by the wonderful nikki74

!PIMP! Visit the ashthedrabble drabbling community! Go on, go now!

Here's a big shout out to the beegee_icontest, a Buffy/Giles icon contest community who gave me these:

And another shout to another fab icon community: ripping_icons, the Giles/Tony Head icon contest!

And another icontest that rocks muchly: dr_icontest - The Doctor/Rose icon contest!

Lookit! I won five somethings! :D

I got this spiffy award from the joss100 community. They rocketh muchly. Click it to read the story I completed!

And this banner comes from 100x_men,for whom I completed my 100 icons challenge! Click to see them! :D

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User Number: 7395279
Date Created:2005-06-11
Number of Posts: 72

Usernamed after the Noel Coward song, Maddogs is indeed insane and British enough to go out in the midday sun. An avid reader, writer, icon-maker and pain-in-the-neck extraordinaire!
Strengths: Smart, obscure sense of humour, excellent taste in T-shirts (e.g. 'Be gentle with me, Prime Minister'), vast knowledge of all things useless.
Weaknesses: Absolutely HAS to voice weird thoughts aloud (e.g. 'Why is there not a word for the plastic bits on the ends of your shoe laces'), can be over-anxious and get very depressed very quickly.
Special Skills: Wit, Incessant Uselss Quoting, The Written Word, Threatening To Break Things, Bribery
Weapons: Autographs (the Tony Head ones are particularly distracting...), Excalibur (it's about six inches long but shh! don't tell :P) and MONEY - the most powerful weapon of all.
Maddogs may explode without warning

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